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Consultations are more important than financial support

Some go abroad by choice, some bcause of necessity.

Needing to leave their home country - Mirza, Abdullo and Farruh - came to Lithuania to build a better and safer life for themselves. Now its been several years since moving to their new home, starting their own business.

But what was the reason for starting their own business and not sticking to working for someone in the first place?

Well, one of the three, Farruh, shared with us that his primary motivation to start his own business was the low salary, with which it was hard to survive, considering he had to support not only himself, but also his family.

He went on to share his story of starting his own business, which he started back in 2019. Initially he started doing business by selling cars, but soon understood that that wasn't his field, so he switched to a construction business - a field that wasn't unfamiliar to him, because he had previously finished construction studies and also had an experienced mentor at his side - his dad, who was a director of a construction company. Farruh started small, by building around 3 houses in Kaunas, then 6 in Vilnius, till bit by bit his business started to flourish. Now he has around 7 employees who work with him - some also being Tajiks and some being Ukrainian and Belarussian.


Mirza, Abdullo and Farruh and our RCL representitives (Lina, Akhtar, Asia)


He has also shared struggles he had to face while creating his business and how we, as an organization, can help with those challenges:

+ It was difficult for him, and for refugees in general, to receive loans from banks, so he suggested that organizations like ours could help build trust with the banks, so that they could lend higher loans for startups.

+ Lithuanian language was also a struggle. He mentioned that he had finished lithuanian language courses, but when going out and trying to speak to other lithuanians, they would speak to him in russian, since they noticed that he speaks russian better and assumed it would be easier for him.

On that note, he said it would be really nice to have volunteers with which refugees can practice speaking in lithuanian.

+ Another point he made, was it would be beneficial to have consultations for younger refugees about studies and trainings in fields they want to work in.

+ But the biggest challenge by far, as he mentioned, was dealing with the legal system. So many refugees don't know what laws there are in Lithuania and don't have the chance to learn them properly, because of lack of money for lawyers and also lack of translation of legal documents.

Here Farruh proposed to give consultations that would help refugees gain knowledge about the legal system in Lithuania, which are very much needed and are more important than any financial support.



This post ir related to our Project: "TALENT TOGETHER" - which goal is to help refugees start their own business in Lithuania. To find out more about this project, you can head to: ...

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