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Emergency help

Emergency calls to 112 are answered in two territorial branches of the Emergency Response Centre – in Vilnius and Klaipėda. Emergency number 112 - a general telephone number for reporting an offence, an imminent threat to life, health, safety, the environment or property and for calling the emergency services: the police, the fire and rescue services, the ambulance or the environment.
These branches serve the entire territory of Lithuania. In order to respond promptly to a request for help and to provide the necessary help, the key task for emergency services is to identify the exact location of the incident. Unfortunately, the exact location of the caller is known only when calling 112 from a landline, as it is registered at a specific address. When calling from a mobile handset, caller location is one of the main problems which all emergency call centres and emergency services face not only in Europe but also worldwide.

Emergency medical assistance

Website intended to prepare residents for emergencies

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