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How to find a job in Lithuania?

Foreigners granted asylum in Lithuania can get a job without restrictions and do not need a work permit. Asylum seeker can work if within 6 months from the date of submission of the application for asylum the Migration Department has not made a decision regarding the granting of asylum in the Republic of Lithuania through not fault of the asylum seeker;

In all cases, Ukrainians are exempted from the obligation to obtain a work permit in the Republic of Lithuania and / or a decision on the compliance of a foreigner's work with the labour market needs of the Republic of Lithuania. Probably the best website to find a job in Lithuanian as a foreigner, with many offers in English available. another great option for those looking for a job in Lithuania. While most offers are in Lithuanian, there are also some in English.

Jobs for foreigners:


Register in Employment Service (Ukrainian)
The Lithuanian Employment Service helps job seekers find employment, assists with individual skills development and equips professionals with the info they need to succeed in the local labor market. Consulting hours: I and III 8:00-17:00 V 8:00-15:45
International House Vilnius

Individuals who are unemployed have several options:
Registering with the Employment Service to receive job opportunities and/or unemployment benefits.
Setting up a consultation with the Employment Service to learn about the labour market in Lithuania and how their qualifications can contribute, then search for a job on their own.
The Employment Service provides the following assistance:
Registration of jobseekers with the Employment Service.
Consultations related to job searches and Lithuanian labour market information.
Information about qualification recognition procedures.
Information and services related to exporting unemployment social insurance benefits.
Information on the TMS/Your first EURES job European Job Mobility Program and acceptance of applications for financial assistance.
Consultations related to employment of third-country nationals in Lithuania (for employers).

Contact for a consultation in Russian related to the employment of third-country nationals in Lithuania: Ernesta Varnaitė Email: Phone: +370 5 236 0775, +370 673 20 257
Jobs advertised in Employment Service: (LT, RU, EN)

Register and apply to companies via Linkedin

Employment of refugees

Subsidized employment. The employment of persons who have been granted refugee or subsidiary protection status by employers may benefit from a recruitment subsidy measure and a compensation of 75% work pay. The subsidy can be applied for up to 2 years.

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