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Paying health insurance

Residents of Lithuania are obliged to obtain health insurance coverage (i.e. pay compulsory health insurance contributions). The groups of the individuals covered by PSD in Lithuania are the following:
persons who pay compulsory health insurance contributions themselves ( business licenses, self-employment certificates and not insured by the employer or the state)
persons whose compulsory health contributions are paid by their employers (those working under employment contracts, civil servants, the individuals working under royalty agreements);
persons insured by the state (the individuals registered with the Labor Exchange, (except foreigners having a temporary permit to reside in the Republic of Lithuania, if they did not work in Lithuania for 6 months prior to their registration with the Labor Exchange), women on pregnancy and maternity leave, a single parent raising a child up to the age of 8 as well as a single parent raising two underage children, the retired and beneficiaries of relief compensation, persons up to the age of 18, schoolchildren, full-time students, the individuals receiving social assistance, etc.);
other persons, the information on whom is available on the National Health Insurance Fund website.
In 2022, the monthly contribution is 50,95 EUR.
More information: (LT/EN/RU)

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