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This training cycle consists of 12 interactive training sessions in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Rukla for refugees and other third countries’ nationals (a third-country national is a non-EU country or a national of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland), activities’ organizers, project volunteers and students of Lithuanian universities. These trainings and its program are prepared in cooperation with Lithuanian refugee rights specialists and the specialists with refugee status. By learning about the refugee rights under Lithuanian national, EU and other international legal acts, refugees and other third-countries’ nationals will become more confident, they will be acknowledged and will discover, where they can turn for help in Lithuania.


The training activities will provide opportunities to learn about cultural diversity, to build intercultural dialogues and friendships. Students of Lithuanian universities will get acquainted with the protection of human rights, the challenges faced by refugees and third-country nationals in Lithuania and Europe, will have opportunities to build intercultural dialogue and be involved in advocacy campaigns together with refugees and other third country nationals. The organizers of activities and volunteers will be better equipped for intercultural activities and will improve their cultural awareness and knowledge about human rights.

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​Karolina Astrauskaitė , training manager,

Yusufi Muhammodzoda, training lecturer,


These training activities is part of Communities Bridges project (PMIF-2.1.6-K-01-004). Isolation, lack of connections with the local community, low participation in the cultural life of the country, negative public attitudes are serious problems that this project is trying to solve. Therefore, Refugee Council of Lithuania with its partners Vilnius Archdiocese Caritas and Arts Agency Artscape are initiating the Community Bridges project, which includes refugees, asylum seekers and other third-country nationals or stateless persons, the local population of Lithuania in different activities of the project. Project trainings and joint ongoing community activities, events gives the project participants the opportunity to develop, learn, discuss and acquire a variety of intercultural competencies together. The aim of the project is to provide refugees, third-country nationals and lithuanians with the opportunity to develop, discuss and acquire intercultural competencies together by organizing training, volunteering programs and community activities.


Pabėgėlių Taryba (Refugee Council of Lithuania) together with its partners Vilnius Archdiocese Caritas and partners Arts Agency Artscape implement the following activities: - 2 training cycles for representatives of cultural institutions, educators of activities, foreigners granted asylum / applicants, volunteers and university students. - 2 volunteering programs that promote volunteering by strengthening the target group's links with the local community. - community activities promote social activism of the target group and the local community.

The project is co-financed by the National Program for Asylum, Migration and Integration 2014–2020 and the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania.