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About Us


In 2019, the first meetings of representatives of refugee communities were initiated and sponsored by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Refugee activists from various countries attended the meetings and it was decided to submit a pledge for the Global Refugee Forum in 2020 and set up an organization, which was registered in 2021.01. The importance of such organization in Lithuania is largely due to the under-representation of refugees in the development of integration measures and policies.


As a refugee-led organization, we aim that around 50% of our management and human resources consist of refugees themselves. Our main goal is to increase the participation of refugees in decision making and implementation of projects.


The Refugee Council of Lithuania works to improve the refugee response at all levels by sharing experiences and best practices and by strengthening collaboration with other local and international organizations and relevant stakeholders. The Refugee Council of Lithuania organizes activities and meetings for searching durable solutions  to enhance refugee inclusion, the collaboration between refugees and host communities to make changes in policies that will benefit both.

Our Mission


As a refugee-led organization we support refugee integration emphasizing the collaboration and dialogue between refugees, civil society, public institutions and the private sector as the key to create innovative projects, which encourage active participation and integration of refugees and can change narratives in society.


Our goal is to work in a collaborative way- listening to the needs, challenges and ideas of refugees and using advocacy as a tool to co-design innovative and long term solutions to address refugees’ challenges.

Our Vision


We aspire to create an inclusive and open society, where refugees are empowered, integrated and safe.

Our Values

Working together

We believe that true integration can be achieved in collaboration, when refugees, other foreigners and locals can work together towards a common goal and learn from each other.



We believe in equal opportunities and respectful relationships, which are not defined by migration status.


We believe in open communication and accountability for our work.


We believe that diversity brings value to an organization and we respect the differences in our employees and volunteers by hiring a diverse group of people.



We believe in a welcoming environment that embraces the differences and offers respect for everybody

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