The idea of setting up a Lithuanian informal refugee led organization has been maturing for some time, so in October, 2019, the first meetings of representatives of refugee communities were initiated in the framework of the Artscape project, HUMANAID - Supporting Refugee Integration though Lithuanian Grassroots Refugee-Inclusion Groups, sponsored by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Refugee activists from various countries  attended the meetings and it was decided to submit a pledge for the Global Refugee Forum in 2020 and commit to set up an organization representing the voice of refugees. The importance of such an organization in Lithuania is largely due to the under-representation of refugees  in the development  of integration measures and policies. The meetings of the Refugee Council of Lithuania are covering various  topics related to integration and advocacy of refugees in line with the principles of inclusion, participation and transparency. The Refugee Council of Lithuania intends to become an independent non-governmental organization promoting advocacy, public education, smooth integration and mutual assistance of refugees and their participation in economic, political and social life of the country.

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