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Our mission as a refugee-led organization is to empower refugees through innovative projects, representation, and dialogue, fostering their integration, contribution to the society and participation in decision-making.


We aspire to create an inclusive and open society, where refugees are empowered, integrated and safe.



Co-creation We believe that true integration can be achieved in collaboration, when refugees, other foreigners and locals can work together towards a common goal and learn from each other.

Equality We firmly uphold equal opportunities for everyone and nurture respectful relationships.

Inclusion and Diversity We celebrate diversity, fostering an inclusive environment that embraces difference among our employees, volunteers, and communities.

Transparency We believe in open communication and accountability for our work.

About organization

In 2019, the first meetings of representatives of refugee communities were initiated and sponsored by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Refugee activists from various countries attended the meetings and it was decided to submit a pledge for the Global Refugee Forum in 2020 and set up an organization, which was registered in 2021.01. The importance of such an organization in Lithuania is largely due to the under-representation of refugees in the development of integration measures and policies and for refugees’ empowerment. As a refugee-led organization, which aims to increase participation of refugees in decision making and implementation of projects, empower refugees through skills development for economic and social contribution, we aim that more than 50% of our management and human resources consist of refugees themselves.

We Do?

We develop projects and co-design with refugees and other stakeholders

We empower refugees by organizing capacity building and networking events.

We represent refugees and create inclusive dialogue, collaborate with host communities and stakeholders including governmental institutions, NGOs, etc

We promote refugee social economic inclusion through entrepreneurship and employment initiatives

We advocate and share refugee experiences, raise awareness through storytelling.

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