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Our Projects

We develop projects and co-design with refugees, other foreigners and Lithuanians activities in the fields of advocacy, integration and education, which address needs and challenges of refugees and benefit society.

Talent Together
Since sept. 2022

In 2023, RCL is implementing an entrepreneurship program for refugees, funded by the UNHCR. For more details, watch this video about our new project.

Refugee Dialogue Project
July - December 2022

Funded by the UNHCR, this project connected refugees from different communities: Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Belarus and Turkey. It made people realise that they are not alone and hopefully, brought the sense of belonging to the community of people from different backgrounds but with the same destiny, sharing similar difficulties.


Capacity Building Project Sept. - December 2022

This project was funded by the UNHCR.

The Refugee Council of Lithuania is always looking for new ways to improve his own work and the quality of his projects. For this reason, we participated in several trainings with the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) and others NGO in Europe as Next Step Hungary. 

Communities's bridge

Trainings about Refugee rights & Cultural diversity

 The Refugee Council of Lithuania together with its partners Vilnius Archdiocese Caritas and Arts Agency Artscape implemented the Communities's bridge project.

The project was co-financed by the National Program for Asylum, Migration and Integration 2014–2020 and the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania.

This training cycle consists of 12 interactive training sessions in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Rukla for refugees and other third countries’ nationals, activities’ organizers, project volunteers and students of Lithuanian universities. The training activities provide opportunities to learn about cultural diversity, to build intercultural dialogues and friendships. They will be better equipped for intercultural activities and will improve their cultural awareness and knowledge about human rights.

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