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Join Activities

We invite refugees and our Lithuanian communities to join us in events across the country and virtually on: 

- Training on setting up businesses in Lithuania & strategic business skills

- Networking business community events

- Be heard! Share your experiences to local government bodies & NGOs

To do! 

- Sign up to our invite list

- Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events

Volunteer with Us

Keen to partner with our refugee network? We'd love to have you volunteer with us for a one-off event, or better yet more regularly! 

While the skills we need are always changing with what will support our communities the most, some regular themes are:

- Refugee Outreach activities  (anyone who loves meeting people is perfect for this!) 

- Language support - translation to Ukrainian/Russian/English 

- Operational - event planning and delivery, collaborating with our partners

- Commercial - fundraising (government and private sector) 

- Media/Marketing - social, web and media 

Fill the form below to register as a volunteer:

Write an e-mail us to get involve in our activities and for more information:

Can't volunteer right now? You can provide much needed assistance by donating to support our refugee programs. Donate here!

Be a
Business Mentor

Our business mentors create high impact for refugees and their communities. They are critical to support our programs to guide, train and advocate for and empower the refugee entrepreneurs they partner with.

We often need skills in: 

- Business development  

- Management/leadership across all industries 

- Domestic industry knowledge and experience

Time commitment: typically ranges from one off-tactical support to collaborating with an entrepreneur over multiple months. 

Email us to get involved!

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