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Practical guide for starting life in Lithuania

Access to personal medical data

On this portal you can connect to the Electronic Health Services and Collaboration Infrastructure Information System - ESPBI IS.
In the system, the doctor can provide and the patient can view the health data provided by the doctor:
electronic recipes
laboratory test submissions and responses referrals for consultations
medical images
information on vaccinations
health certificates etc

Covid testing/vaccination
Number 1808
You can download EU Digital COVID Certificates by logging in to your account on the Health Portal. If you are unable to log in to your account yourself, you can contact your healthcare provider or the vaccination centre.

Declaration of residence

The Migration Department informs that after the entry into force on 1 March 2021 of amendments to the Law of the Republic of Lithuania “On the Legal Status of Aliens”, an alien may choose when to declare residence in Lithuania - in the Migration Department, when applying for a residence permit or after collecting a residence permit.

More about declaration:

When leaving Lithuania for a longer than 6-month period it is necessary to declare the departure in the same way. The individuals who are leaving Lithuania for longer than a 6-month period and who failed to submit a declaration before leaving, can declare it at diplomatic missions or consular posts of the Republic of Lithuania or on the Internet through e-government portal.

Driving in Lithuania

Information about driving license and driving in Lithuania:
Only permanent residents who have declared their place of residency in Lithuania can register a vehicle. Foreigners who want to register their car in Lithuania, can do so only after they get a residence permit, personal number (asmens kodas) and declare their place of residency. Driver’s licenses of third country (not belonging to the EU or the EEA) citizens are valid up until the person becomes a permanent resident of Lithuania, i.e. their place of residence is declared in Lithuania and they live here for at least 185 days every calendar year. To exchange your driver’s license that was issued in a non-EU, non-EEA country, you are required to pass driving theory and practical driving tests. Completing additional driving classes in Lithuanian driving schools is not required.

Emergency help

Emergency calls to 112 are answered in two territorial branches of the Emergency Response Centre – in Vilnius and Klaipėda. Emergency number 112 - a general telephone number for reporting an offence, an imminent threat to life, health, safety, the environment or property and for calling the emergency services: the police, the fire and rescue services, the ambulance or the environment.
These branches serve the entire territory of Lithuania. In order to respond promptly to a request for help and to provide the necessary help, the key task for emergency services is to identify the exact location of the incident. Unfortunately, the exact location of the caller is known only when calling 112 from a landline, as it is registered at a specific address. When calling from a mobile handset, caller location is one of the main problems which all emergency call centres and emergency services face not only in Europe but also worldwide.

Emergency medical assistance

Website intended to prepare residents for emergencies

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Finding and renting accomodation

If the terms of the lease are mutually satisfactory, the lease is signed. It is important to read it carefully, with the help of a translator if possible. The signed contract should be taken to the Register Center for registration, but not all landlords are agreeing to do that and pay taxes. Registration is obligatory to claim for benefits (like rent compensation). The place of residence can be declared in the district municipality administration. You and your landlord will have to agree on the main terms: price, length of the rent period, amount of the deposit, payment type (transfer or cash), an inventory list or photos. Rental prices vary across the city, with a nice apartment in the center setting you back as much as EUR 600-1,000. Before you sign any kind of lease or rental agreement, make sure you have clear information on any utilities or other associated costs you may need to pay. In many cases, there is a note in the advertisement "agency tax is applied” which is usually 150-200 Euro.

Advice for renting accommodation:

Some accommodation renting sites:
You can rent a flat directly from owners or assisted by agency

Getting SIM card in Lithuania

Guidance for registering individual activity

If you wish to work as a freelancer, the most convenient way to do it in Lithuania is to work under the Certificate of Individual Activity (IA). This certificate allows you to sell your services to different companies or institutions, and there is no limit on the income you earn or the amount of time you work. The freelancer becomes responsible for both the income and the payment of taxes.
(LT, EN, RU, FA, AR)

How to find a job in Lithuania?

Foreigners granted asylum in Lithuania can get a job without restrictions and do not need a work permit. Asylum seeker can work if within 6 months from the date of submission of the application for asylum the Migration Department has not made a decision regarding the granting of asylum in the Republic of Lithuania through not fault of the asylum seeker;

In all cases, Ukrainians are exempted from the obligation to obtain a work permit in the Republic of Lithuania and / or a decision on the compliance of a foreigner's work with the labour market needs of the Republic of Lithuania. Probably the best website to find a job in Lithuanian as a foreigner, with many offers in English available. another great option for those looking for a job in Lithuania. While most offers are in Lithuanian, there are also some in English.

Jobs for foreigners:


Register in Employment Service (Ukrainian)
The Lithuanian Employment Service helps job seekers find employment, assists with individual skills development and equips professionals with the info they need to succeed in the local labor market. Consulting hours: I and III 8:00-17:00 V 8:00-15:45
International House Vilnius

Individuals who are unemployed have several options:
Registering with the Employment Service to receive job opportunities and/or unemployment benefits.
Setting up a consultation with the Employment Service to learn about the labour market in Lithuania and how their qualifications can contribute, then search for a job on their own.
The Employment Service provides the following assistance:
Registration of jobseekers with the Employment Service.
Consultations related to job searches and Lithuanian labour market information.
Information about qualification recognition procedures.
Information and services related to exporting unemployment social insurance benefits.
Information on the TMS/Your first EURES job European Job Mobility Program and acceptance of applications for financial assistance.
Consultations related to employment of third-country nationals in Lithuania (for employers).

Contact for a consultation in Russian related to the employment of third-country nationals in Lithuania: Ernesta Varnaitė Email: Phone: +370 5 236 0775, +370 673 20 257
Jobs advertised in Employment Service: (LT, RU, EN)

Register and apply to companies via Linkedin

Employment of refugees

Subsidized employment. The employment of persons who have been granted refugee or subsidiary protection status by employers may benefit from a recruitment subsidy measure and a compensation of 75% work pay. The subsidy can be applied for up to 2 years.

How to register at a medical institution?

There are two types of medical institutions in Lithuania – state and private. In the private ones, the services might be provided for a full price, while in the state ones, most of the services are free of charge, but for that you need to be covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance (privalomasis sveikatos draudimas – PSD).

More information about registration:
(LT, EN, RU, FA, AR)

How to register for kindergarten/ pre-school/school?

Information about pre-school education

Information about schools

Information on the admission of Ukrainian children to schools is provided by the municipal education departments, where coordinators have been appointed. They provide all the necessary information about admission to the school. Therefore, the parents or guardians of the children should apply to the municipality, where they are registered for the education of the child. The coordinators' contacts are published on the website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. Admission departments of municipal administrations can also be contacted.

Applications are regularly registered in the information system for submission of applications and information to the population at The groups are formed in April, the child must be registered before the start of group formation. Queues are based on available priorities, registration time is not important.

Registration to school

Visual guide how to fill registration form to school or kindergarten

Income declaration

It is easiest to complete the GPM311 declaration electronically by joining the Electronic Declaration System (EDS). Assistance with filling declaration forms 852191777 if you cannot do that electronically you can get log in name and password at Tax Information Center 1882 or +37052605060

More about income declaration:

Income tax

PIT at a 20% rate is applied to income amounts not exceeding 90,246 euros (EUR) per calendar year in 2022 and at a 32% rate for the exceeding part for:
employment-related income
payments to the members of the Board or Supervisory Board
income derived under copyright agreements (when it is received from the company that is also the employer of individual), and
income under civil agreement received by a manager of small partnership who is not a member of such small partnership.
Income from profit distribution (e.g. dividends) is taxable at a flat PIT rate of 15%.
More about income tax:

Informal foreigners' groups

You can also get information,advice, meet on various informal foreigners groups

Foreigners in Vilnius

Foreigners in Kaunas

Foreigners in Klaipėda

Vilnius Girl Gone international private group

Learning Lithuanian language

If you participate in a state funded integration program some hours of lessons are funded by the state.

Other options:

Speak Lithuania

Migration and asylum procedures

MIGRACIJA.LT is the online migration services website (Lithuanian migration information system) of the Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. Here you can find all relevant information about migration in Lithuania as well as contact information.

MIPAS – a project that is being carried out by the Diversity Development Group that aims to improve the availability of migration information to various stakeholders and the target group and cooperation between.

You can find general information about asylum procedures on MIGRIS

International House Vilnius is offering a hotline service to all who have questions about moving to Vilnius, Lithuania from Ukraine and Belarus +370 526 40 200, work every day 8:00-22:00 (Vilnius/Kyiv time GMT+2).

Migration procedures for Ukrainians:

Ukrainians fleeing the war do not have to apply for asylum in Lithuania. Ukrainians can apply for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania on humanitarian grounds or a national visa on humanitarian grounds.

Ukraine Consulate Kudirkos .22 , LT-03106, VILNIUS
+37052330782, +370523308

Information for ukrainians

The booklet prepared by Lithuanian Red Cross contains summarized information about general asylum procedures, main rights and duties of the asylum seekers as well as possible consequences for not complying with these duties. (available in 13 languages)

Opening bank account

To open a bank account in Lithuania is relatively easy. However, foreigners are usually required to already have a residence permit and be registered as residents of Lithuania.
Lithuania's banks are classified as being highly secure and reliable. The three largest banks operating in Lithuania — AB SEB bank, Swedbank, AB and AB DNB bank — have very solid capital buffers and assess risks conservatively enough. In order to open a current bank account in Lithuania, a natural person must submit: an application form which is issued by the bank (each bank has its own forms), an identification document which must be valid (ID card or passport) and a residence permit and other documents, in the case of foreign residents.

Organizations providing help for refugees

Lithuanian Red Cross

If you need legal, psychological or other assistance, you can contact the Lithuanian Red Cross Information Centre in Klaipėda and Kaunas:

Caritas Foreigners integration program
VA Caritas Foreigners' Integration Program will provide social and humanitarian assistance. If you have any questions, please contact the following contacts: Tel .: 8 607 82 894 (9 am - 9 pm on weekdays; 10 am - 9 pm on weekends) El. p .:
Refugee Council of Lithuania

Help with accommodation for Ukrainians–

Foreigners integration centers are established in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

UNHCR Lithuania

Information for refugees and asylum seekers:

INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MIGRATION (IOM) is a migration agency under the United Nations which is the only international and intergovernmental organization working in the field of migration. IOM aims that interests of both migrants and states are combined in the management of migration.
Email: Website address:

Paying health insurance

Residents of Lithuania are obliged to obtain health insurance coverage (i.e. pay compulsory health insurance contributions). The groups of the individuals covered by PSD in Lithuania are the following:
persons who pay compulsory health insurance contributions themselves ( business licenses, self-employment certificates and not insured by the employer or the state)
persons whose compulsory health contributions are paid by their employers (those working under employment contracts, civil servants, the individuals working under royalty agreements);
persons insured by the state (the individuals registered with the Labor Exchange, (except foreigners having a temporary permit to reside in the Republic of Lithuania, if they did not work in Lithuania for 6 months prior to their registration with the Labor Exchange), women on pregnancy and maternity leave, a single parent raising a child up to the age of 8 as well as a single parent raising two underage children, the retired and beneficiaries of relief compensation, persons up to the age of 18, schoolchildren, full-time students, the individuals receiving social assistance, etc.);
other persons, the information on whom is available on the National Health Insurance Fund website.
In 2022, the monthly contribution is 50,95 EUR.
More information: (LT/EN/RU)

Qualification recognition

Two main types of recognition of foreign qualifications can be distinguished: academic and professional.
Academic recognition refers to determining the academic value of a qualification, i.e. it determines whether the foreign qualification, in principle, meets general academic requirements for a similar qualification in Lithuania. It is carried out in accordance with the Lisbon Recognition Convention and its subsidiary documents. Professional recognition refers to determining the professional value of a qualification, i.e. it is determined whether the qualification meets the requirements for practising a specific profession.

Refugee rights guide

(last updated 2021.07)

You can find information about refugee rights in training packages in EN, AR, LT, RU, TG, TR languages, following the link:

Shops halal/ oriental/African food

Social assistance/benefits

Starting your own business

Studies in Lithuania

The deadlines to apply for the autumn semester at most universities are in June, however, international students are strongly advised to apply as early as possible. Document recognition and subject equivalence identification procedures may take up to one month or longer.
Each university is a separate institution, therefore each one has a different set of requirements and admits students through a separate application process. The requirements and admission fees vary from university to university largely depending on the chosen study programme. More information about studies:

International scholarships for studies of refugees
The platform helps you to find accredited higher education academic or scholarship programmes for refugees verified by UNHCR to allow you to pursue advanced study, skills and professional development

LCC University Klaipėda scholarship

Assisting war-affected students from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan by providing an opportunity to start or continue their BA or MA education at LCC International University. An intensive English program (if needed) and supplemental support systems are a part of the scholarship package.

Scholarships for Ukrainian, Belarusian students

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship is a special scholarship offered by Vilnius University for the applicants (including students who are transferring in the middle of their program) from the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Ukraine in order to help the citizens of those countries to get established in Lithuania, during the 1st year of studies at Vilnius University.

Using public transport/ tickets/useful apps

Transport organized by municipalities and systems, tickets and prices differ among different municipalities. Electronic ticket cards are a convenient way to pay for public transport. You can buy them in News-stands. Check if discounts are applicable to you or your family members.
Trafi – the main platform for using public transport and more. This all in one app will give you live traffic and public transport updates and info, helping you choose the fastest way to your destination every time. From public transport, car (integrated platforms like “City Bee” and “Spark”) and bike sharing, to taxis, Trafi covers everything, and you can even use it to buy tickets for public transport! Download the app from App Store or Google Play
The m.Ticket app helps to plan your trip by public transport in Vilnius, choose the fastest and most convenient route, search for bus and trolleybus timetables, observe the public transport traffic in the capital in real time and quickly buy, collect and use tickets on your phone.Download and install the m.Ticket app

Video Vilnius public transport explained:

Train tickets

You can buy train tickets online, print them or download them on your phone or buy them at train stations.


You can buy bus tickets online, print or download them on your phone or buy them at bus stations.

Vocational training in Lithuania

If you want to apply to professional school, find information and apply here:

Employment Service might fund vocational training for unemployed people if meeting their requirements:

Free vocational courses:

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