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Finding and renting accomodation

If the terms of the lease are mutually satisfactory, the lease is signed. It is important to read it carefully, with the help of a translator if possible. The signed contract should be taken to the Register Center for registration, but not all landlords are agreeing to do that and pay taxes. Registration is obligatory to claim for benefits (like rent compensation). The place of residence can be declared in the district municipality administration. You and your landlord will have to agree on the main terms: price, length of the rent period, amount of the deposit, payment type (transfer or cash), an inventory list or photos. Rental prices vary across the city, with a nice apartment in the center setting you back as much as EUR 600-1,000. Before you sign any kind of lease or rental agreement, make sure you have clear information on any utilities or other associated costs you may need to pay. In many cases, there is a note in the advertisement "agency tax is applied” which is usually 150-200 Euro.

Advice for renting accommodation:

Some accommodation renting sites:
You can rent a flat directly from owners or assisted by agency

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