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Using public transport/ tickets/useful apps

Transport organized by municipalities and systems, tickets and prices differ among different municipalities. Electronic ticket cards are a convenient way to pay for public transport. You can buy them in News-stands. Check if discounts are applicable to you or your family members.
Trafi – the main platform for using public transport and more. This all in one app will give you live traffic and public transport updates and info, helping you choose the fastest way to your destination every time. From public transport, car (integrated platforms like “City Bee” and “Spark”) and bike sharing, to taxis, Trafi covers everything, and you can even use it to buy tickets for public transport! Download the app from App Store or Google Play
The m.Ticket app helps to plan your trip by public transport in Vilnius, choose the fastest and most convenient route, search for bus and trolleybus timetables, observe the public transport traffic in the capital in real time and quickly buy, collect and use tickets on your phone.Download and install the m.Ticket app

Video Vilnius public transport explained:

Train tickets

You can buy train tickets online, print them or download them on your phone or buy them at train stations.


You can buy bus tickets online, print or download them on your phone or buy them at bus stations.

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