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Asylum Seekers' Protest in Pabrade

Refugee Council of Lithuania

Feb 6, 2022

MIGRANTS ARE DEMANDING FOR FREEDOM AFTER SPENDING 7 MONTHS IN DETENTION CENTERS IN LITHUANIA. Hundreds of migrants living in concentration camps in Pabradė in Lithuania demand for Freedom from the Lithuanian Government, which has keep them under such deplorable conditions for nearly 8 months. The migrants are illegally detained for nearly 8 months irrespective of their gender by Lithuanian Government. The Lithuanian Government rejected almost all their Asylum Applications because they labelled them as migrants, who were used by the Belarusian Government as weapons against the Lithuanian Government. The migrants denied these claims. They claim that they are neither Economic Migrants nor they were used as the weapons by the Belarusian Government. "We came to apply for Asylum as it is done in other European countries, because of the fear of losing our lives in our respective countries" said Migrants In Lithuania's concentration Camp in Pabradė. If someone crosses the Lithuanian border and applies for Asylum, it is considered in Lithuania a crime unlike other European countries and ,therefore, it is decided not to grant Asylum to those individuals. They do not only stop on that , but keep all those people in indifinite detention. Migrants are ,therefore, fed up with the traumatic situation, which they are facing daily by the repressive regime of the Lithuanian Government and demand for the respect of their rights. One among those rights of which they have been deprived is their Freedom (for almost 8 months now) . Migrants are getting mad because of the degenerating situation at Lithuanian concentration camps. Access to medications or health personnel is a nightmare. Food provision is very poor and insufficient. Some migrants disappear being taken by Lithuanian Military without telling their roommates about their whereabouts . Migrants are living in hell in Lithuania. Women are treated the same as men. Lithuania is forcefully sending migrants back to their respective countries through mental torture. Those, who couldn't endurance the repulsive and harsh conditions at the Concentration Camps have no other option than to go back and face the same situation, which made them flee from their respective countries."

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