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2022-03-02, Medininkai Camp

Due to 8 months of detention and bad conditions at the Medininkai closed camp, refugees made a demonstration. This is what happened after the demonstration.

"I just woke up after hearing someone kick the room door and the second kick was in my stomach, I have an idea what they're doing because there was a demonstration yesterday but I tell him I wasn't there because I'm already sick and I can hardly talk, they keep screaming and intimidating and then they drag me by my hair to the floor with my roommate One of them twisted my hand until I felt that it would break and tied them and started searching the room, after they finished they opened my hand and told me to calm down and everything was fine, I tried to talk and say but I was cooperative with you and I did not resist why you did this to me, so he shouted at me and said shut your mouth, I cry as I write these words to you "

"This time, no, I don't believe in journalism anymore, and I don't believe that someone cares. I don't want anyone's sympathy. I don't want anything from this world. I just wanted to tell you these words"

"I have a lawyer, I didn't even think to tell her what happened to file a complaint or something because I'm sure no one can do justice here, even God can't"

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