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Empowering Refugees, Enriching Lithuania: RCL's Impact in Action

Updated: 7 days ago

Refugee Council Lithuania (RCL) proudly presents a compelling 3 min video,  showcasing our transformative work and the remarkable stories of the refugees we collaborated with. As a refugee-led organization, RCL has become a powerful platform for refugee representation and entrepreneurship, fostering innovation and contributing to Lithuanian society's growth.

Our video highlights three inspiring passionate  stories:

  1. Svitlana Stepanenko: Ukrainian entrepreneur behind 'Svitlobook', an online children's bookstore

  2. Iryna Krytiy: Former doctor now running a high-quality aromatherapy and cosmetics business

  3. A resilient Saroka Dzmitry and Bakhar Liudmila: Creators of a thriving natural cosmetics brand

These entrepreneurs embody the positive impact of RCL's comprehensive support, including seminars, practical training, and networking opportunities.

Beyond these stories, our projects have created a ripple effect of positive change. We've facilitated dialogue events, skill development workshops, and co-creation initiatives that bring refugees and locals together. A more inclusive, innovative Lithuania where refugees recover their resilience and find satisfaction in their new lives and work.

To our donors, beneficiaries, and potential supporters - both local and migrant - we invite you to watch our videos and join our mission. Together, we can create more opportunities, foster understanding, and build a stronger, more diverse community.

Be part of our journey in empowering refugees and enriching Lithuania.

 Your support can contribute to impactful work and more innovative stories!

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