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Intentional journaling-support workshop for arabic speaking women

Our colleague Farah from Syria started inspiring initiative and is leading a support group for Arabic speaking women and share her reflections about it.

"Intentional journaling"

Is an initiative that is meant to help us reconnect with ourselves using tools that are available for us anytime and anywhere.

I've had a long history with writing and it went from being just an expressions of my feelings, to becoming a hobby where I can express my feelings in a more artistic way, to using it as a tools for healing

Healing from what?

From false believes about ourselves

From judgment

From not living our fullest potential

From thinking that we're less because we look, behave, and express ourselves differently

I started this workshop as a means to create a culture of self-awareness, to normalize talking about mental-health, to support one another, and to know that we can create better ways of communication

I have created a facebook group for women who want to have a community where they can share their minds and emotions constructively with other women who are on a similar journey

I hope I can maintain the inspiration and the energy to continue and expand this space, and if you resonate with the idea, please don't hesitate to write me

Much love,


منقدر نعملو حتى نعبر عن حالنا و نفهم مشاعرنا اكتر

تمرين بسيط كل يوم ممكن يخلينا نحس حالنا اروق او قادرين نواجه الامور ببساطة اكتر

التمارين ما ضروري تكون محددة، ايا شي بيخلينا نعبر عن مشاعرنا بطريقة

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