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Lithuanian Courses for Free

As we suggested in our latest article, online tools are really helpful to learn a language faster and easier. However, there might be some deficiencies in online tools. For example, most of the webpages and applications do not provide the learners with teachers or native speakers, and the learners cannot see their mistakes and there is no chance to correct them. Also, some people might learn a language better when they are in a classroom atmosphere with a teacher. Therefore, some people may prefer traditional methods to learning a new language.

Although when we are talking about the traditional methods we immediately think about the language courses, there are more than this. Thanks to social media, people started to create some groups and they held meetings periodically to learn and practice the languages. So, in this article, we will not only recommend the free Lithuanian courses in presence but also we will talk about some tandem groups.

Caritas: they have free Lithuanian courses for citizens from third countries that were already granted a permit to reside in Lithuania.

Vilnius City Municipality: offering free 3 months of Lithıanian language courses for Ukrainians, collaborating with Vilnius Education Progress Center, Vilnius University and Naktini Vilnius Avilis.

Kazimieras Simonavičius University: The University offers tuition waivers to students from Ukrainian universities, and they also offer free Lithuanian courses. All you need to do is click on the link and filling the form.

Vilnius Academy of Arts: The University invites refugee students and staff from Ukraine to participate in the free Lithuanian language and culture courses. The courses are in two different levels: A1.1 and A1.2.

LCC International University: They have intensive courses for Ukrainians in Klaipeda. The courses are designed for daily conversations. The study groups are small so that you will have more interaction and practice. The University also offers a different course for Ukrainian citizens who are adult participants in any Ukrainian institution. During these classes, you will improve your grammar as well as your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Lithuanian. There are two levels: A1 and A2.

Vilnius BlaBla Language Exchange: If you prefer to learn a new language by talking with native speakers, we suggest you join language exchange groups. While you learn Lithuanian, you can also teach your native language to new people. Also, it is a good opportunity to make new friends.

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