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Refugee Council of Lithuania participated in a Fair to strengthen entrepreneurial skills and spin business of Ukrainians in Lithuania

The Refugee Council of Lithuania, along with other major national organizations, proudly hosted an Entrepreneurship Opportunities Fair at Tech-Park Kaunas. This event, specifically aimed at Ukrainian women, sought to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and accelerate their business ventures in Lithuania. The fair provided an invaluable platform for these women to share their business challenges, seek expert advice, and gain insights on establishing successful enterprises.

The fair was a collaborative effort between Tech-Park Kaunas, Ukreate Hub, the Refugee Council of Lithuania, and the Charity and Support Foundation “Frida.” These organizations presented a wealth of business support tools and initiatives for aspiring entrepreneurs. Experts from various institutions, including Innovation Agency Lithuania, ChangeMakers'ON, and Kaunas University of Technology, introduced their consultation services, providing attendees with access to a broad spectrum of resources.

The event also shed light on the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs, especially refugees. Akhtar Mohammad Akhgar, Programs Coordinator at the Refugee Council of Lithuania, shared insights from research on the needs and challenges of refugee entrepreneurs. Key issues included access to financial support, information about the business ecosystem, and overcoming language and cultural barriers.

The success of the Entrepreneurship Opportunities Fair at Tech-Park Kaunas highlights the importance of community support and collaboration in empowering Ukrainian women entrepreneurs in Lithuania. The Refugee Council of Lithuania, along with its partners, remains committed to hosting similar events and networking sessions, continually inviting participants to engage in entrepreneurship skills training programs. Together, we can build a brighter, more inclusive future for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned for more events and opportunities to get involved in our mission to support and empower the entrepreneurial spirit within the refugee community.

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