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Call for help to end detention

"Dear Sir / Madam

We are the migrants in Lithuania and we are seeking help from International Organizations , Human Right Lawyers and Human Right Activists. Our freedom of movement have been restricted since 3 July 2021 by the Lithuanian Government. We have been detained for almost 8 months and we do not see the signs of end of that detention without taking legal steps against the Lithuanian Government. We are living the life full of qualms.

Some of our friends have been taken away by the Lithuanian Security Personnel and we do not know their whereabouts. Life in those camps is the Nightmare.

We ,the migrants, have decided to work preparing the Petition. We want to take the Lithuanian Government to the European Court of Human Rights. We ,therefore, we need your help to end the illegal detention of migrants by the Lithuanian Government through the system of courts. They labelled us as the weapons used against them by the Belarusian Government, which is the pretext to continue violating our Fundamental Human Rights including the illegal and indefinite detention by confining us in one place for months or years if we fail to act now. We urgently need your assistance in this very difficult time for us. You can Google to find out more about the Violations in the camps of Pabradė, Kybartai etc.

Your Sincerely,

The migrants in Lithuania."

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