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Online Tools for Learning Lithuanian

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

When you seek a refugee or have already been granted any status in a country, you might need to learn the language to have better communication with the locals. Speaking the local language would also help you to communicate with the state institutions faster and find more opportunities such as jobs. Although the young generation in Lithuania can hold a conversation in English, knowledge in Lithuanian will make your life easier during your stay in Lithuania.

Therefore, we recommend you learn the Lithuanian language while you are living in Lithuania. Thanks to technological advances, learning any language is easier and faster, and you can learn any language from your home. Therefore, as the Refugee Council of Lithuania, we decided to collect information about online tools to learn the Lithuanian language. Here, you can find useful information about some online Lithuanian courses.

Let's Be Friends: it is a project to teach the Lithuanian language free of cost. The webpage has 12 different topics and each topic takes two weeks to complete. They are addressing the most important skills to learning a new language such as speaking, writing, listening and reading. Before starting the exercises, you can learn the basics, and practice with the exercises. Also, there is going to be a teacher who will help you with your mistakes and speaking skills. At the end of each topic, you will test your knowledge and continue with the next one. For more information, you can click on the link and also you can check our post about Let's Be Friends on Facebook.

LithuaniaForYou: it is a Youtube Channel with Lithuanian classes in different topics, as now it has 220 lessons, and the videos are relatively short and easy. Also, it has some cultural aspects of the country in some other videos. That is a great way to learn the Lithuanian language at home.

Vilnius University Online Courses: Although they are relatively shorter, they might be a good start for basic knowledge of Lithuanian. There are some videos, pronunciation practices as well as facts about the Lithuanian language.

Memrise: it is a language-learning app with almost every language, even the dead ones. So, you can find Lithuanian as well. Unlike the other online tools that are mentioned above, there are different levels, so if you already know some level of Lithuanian, you can start from a higher level. Also, since the courses are created by other users, each course might have a different technique. However, as its name suggests, it is a good tool to improve vocabulary, and it can be used on smartphones as well.

Loecsen: this is another webpage in which you can learn Lithuanian for free. There are seventeen different topics related to daily life activities, and all the sentences or words are vocalized, so you can hear the correct pronunciation. The best part of this tool is that you can learn Lithuanian by translating any language. So, you can translate the sentences into your own language, and if your English is not enough to use the other web pages or applications, this one would be easier to learn Lithuanian.

Surface Languages: it is one of the web pages to learn the basic phrases in Lithuanian. There are different categories, and you can find different phrases that are useful in daily life conversations.

Lithuanian with Marta: Beyond any doubt, one of the most popular online tools is Instagram. Therefore, learning a new language or at least learning some phrases would be easier while you are scrolling down on Instagram. Therefore, we highly recommend you follow these accounts that you will learn new words from.

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