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Refugee Council of Lithuania Hosted Empowering Workshop, 'Transforming Business Ideas into Branded Ventures'

Updated: Jun 23

On June 18, 2024, the Refugee Council of Lithuania hosted an inspiring and hands-on workshop titled 'Transforming Business Ideas into Branded Ventures.' This engaging session was conducted in both English and Ukrainian, with the help of a translator to ensure everyone could fully participate.

Held during Refugee Week in Vilnius, celebrated from June 13 to 20, this workshop was part of a series of events showcasing the experiences and talents of refugees. Refugee Week included various cultural and artistic events that highlighted the diverse stories within the refugee community.

Mr. Jaroslav Urbanovič, a respected educator from Vilnius Business College and Mykolas Romeris University, led the workshop. He shared his expertise and practical insights on branding, helping participants understand the essentials of creating a strong brand identity. The workshop included hands-on sessions where attendees designed logos and websites using user-friendly digital tools like Canva.

Throughout the workshop, participants delved into topics such as understanding branding, crafting unique brand stories, and developing cohesive brand identities. They also had the chance to create tangible prototypes of their brands, showcasing their creativity and hard work.

One enthusiastic participant shared, "Today's workshop was beneficial with more practical training for preparing to own a business. I want to learn more information and develop a more in-depth topic of creating a website from scratch." This feedback highlights the practical and impactful nature of the workshop.

Under Jaroslav’s guidance, attendees gained valuable knowledge and built practical skills in business planning and digital tools. This empowering experience equipped them with essential resources for their entrepreneurial journeys, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment. Developing digital skills is crucial for accelerating refugee entrepreneurship, leading to greater economic inclusion in Lithuania.

The Refugee Council of Lithuania is excited to continue organizing impactful workshops to empower refugees, support their integration, and celebrate their contributions to society.

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