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True colors of starting a business for Ukrainian entrepreneurs: real cases highlight more focus needed on leveraging family and work balance, one-on-one consultation and community network

How do to start a business in Lithuania if you are a Ukrainian woman? The answer depends on the business sector, but the number of initiatives growing not only in the country’s capital. The Entrepreneurship Opportunities Fair in Kaunas invites all Ukrainian freelancers, women entrepreneurs starting their business journey, and startup enthusiasts to join the event designed to guide them toward realizing business aspirations. The event will take place on June 3rd, 2024, at 6:00 PM EST, in Tech-Park Kaunas, a startup community located at K. Baršausko 59.  

"The Fair is a unique platform for anyone looking to turn their business ideas into reality and meet the supporting community. It is essential to be surrounded by those strong leaders who are willing to become entrepreneurship mentors and share the ups and downs," says Živilė Paužaitė, one of the leading organizers and the Head of Quality at Tech-Park Kaunas and representative of Interreg BSR BSI_4Women project business incubation program.     

Attendees will have the chance to consult with experts on various aspects of starting and growing a business, from establishing a company and attracting new customers to honing their marketing strategies. This event promises to equip you with the knowledge and connections to successfully navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.  

"We all have unique stories of coming to Lithuania, adapting, and finding our paths. However, real cases of women entrepreneurs show that at the beginning the first fails and struggles are very similar. Networking with like-minded individuals and experts can spark new ideas and collaborations," says another leading organizer, Kseniia Nezhyva, Project manager of Ukreate Hub.  

Tech-Park Kaunas, Ukreate Hub, the Refugee Council, and the charity and support Foundation FRIDA have joined forces to provide you with entrepreneurship opportunities. Women who already joined their initiatives, find it a valuable business growth experience.  

“You will be able to meet and discuss with real practitioners. For instance, Svitlana's journey in Vilnius began with crutches. After surviving the bombing, and losing everything in Mariupol, Svitlana found the strength to create something new. She had to relearn how to walk, live and communicate. Today Svitlana is a participant of the Women's Entrepreneurship Programme at Ukreate Hub and is learning how to turn her passion for marshmallows into entrepreneurship," adds Kateryna Okhotnyk, coordinator of Women's Entrepreneurship Program at Ukreate Hub. In addition to consultations, a special area at the fair will be dedicated to showcasing business, products, or services. This is an exceptional opportunity to present the venture to a wider audience and gain valuable feedback. Representatives and consultants from esteemed business support organizations will be present to discuss tailored solutions for your specific needs.   

“We do notice the need to have one-on-one consultations and discuss individual challenges. For this reason, Innovation Agency Lithuania, „ChangeMakers'ON“, VMU Legal Clinic, State Tax Inspectorate Under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania experts will join us to provide the answers to pressing questions”, says Vaiva Kelmelytė, Director of Operations at Tech-Park Kaunas, representative of Interreg BSR BSI_4Women project.  

All the participants are invited to register by June 1st:  

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